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Jumat, 04 Maret 2011


Niwatakawaca, a giant prepare to attack and destroy the celestial god Indra. Because the giant can not be defeated, either by a god or by a giant, then Lord Indra decided to ask for help from a human. Options are not hard and fell on the Arjuna who was imprisoned in the mountain Indrakīla. But before Arjuna requested his help, must first be tested perseverance in doing yoga, because this is also a guarantee for his help actually bring results as expected.

Arjuna (Begawan Ciptoning)

And the seven angels who summoned her beauty is amazing. The two most important angel named Suprabhā and Tilottamā, they were all ordered to visit Arjuna then use their beauty to seduce him.

They traveled through the natural beauty of angels in the mountain of Indrakīla toward the meditation place of Arjuna. They rest in a river and then decorate themselves and discuss how best to achieve their goals.

They reached the cave where Arjuna sat, absorbed by the contemplation, and then show all their beauty and use all understanding that they can think of to tease, but in vain. With the disappointment they go home to heaven and report to the god Indra. However, for the gods of their failure is a source of joy, because then proved his supernatural powers Arjuna.

Stay just one thing that still doubt: if the purpose of Arjuna by organizing yoga solely to gain happiness and power for himself, so he ignored the safety of others? And so in such a case it is important to obtain certainty, Indra himself who visit Arjuna in the guise of an old sage who had been senile and bent. The receipt of this old and pretend to cough and was greeted with great respect by the Arjuna who briefly stop tapanya and in philosophical discussion that followed a description of the lies the power and pleasure in the true meaning. In all its form, including happiness in heaven, power and favors including false and illusory world, as only temporary and not absolute, it is still far from the Absolute.

Whoever wants to reach perfection and moksa, must break through the world of form and the shadows that are misleading, do not be shackled by it. Such a thing is understood by Arjuna. He affirmed, that the only purpose of doing meditation is to meet its obligations as a knight and helps her brother Yudhisthira to reclaim his kingdom for the welfare of the whole world. Indra was satisfied, revealed who he really is and predict, that Batara Shiva will want to see Arjuna, then go home. Arjuna continued meditation

In the meantime the king of the giants had heard the news what happened on the mountain Indrakila. He sent one another giant named Muko to kill Arjuna. In the form of a wild pig he messed surrounding forests. Arjuna, was surprised by all the hustle and bustle, raised his gun and went out of his cave. At the same time the god Shiva, who had heard how Arjuna doing yoga very well arrive in the form of a hunter from one of the isolated tribes, the tribe Kirāṭa. At the same time each arrow and releasing wild pigs died of his injuries. Both the arrow turns into one. There was a dispute between Arjuna and the Kirāṭa it, who had killed the beast. The dispute culminated into fierce debate. Arrows Shiva full of magic that all his strength and ultimately discarded bows were destroyed. They then began to fight. Arjuna is almost lost, holding the feet of his opponent, but at that moment the hunter form of Shiva appeared and disappeared

Lord Shiva lives ardhanarīśwara as 'half man, half woman' above the lotus flower. Arjuna adored him with a hymn of praise and a revealing confession of Siwa which is present in all things. Shiva presented to Arjuna sepucuk arrow that miracle can not be broken, and her name Pasupati. Once given him supernatural knowledge of how to use the arrow. After that Shiva disappeared.

Arjuna was discussing whether he should return to his relatives, came two Apsara 'half-god half-human creatures', carrying a letter from Indra, he asked Arjuna willing to overlook, to help the gods in their plan to kill Niwatakawaca. Arjuna was hesitant, because this means that he any longer separated from his brothers, but eventually he agreed. He was wearing a shirt with a pair of magic slippers which is carried by both Apsara, and by air menemai them to heaven god Indra. He was greeted with exuberant joy and the angels feel crazy. Indra explain the circumstances that are not so favorable for the gods due to malicious intent Niwatakawaca. The giant can only ditewaskan by man, but first they must find a weak point. Suprabha angel who had long coveted by the giant, will visit and will try to know the secret to the company of Arjuna. Arjuna accepted the task and they are down to earth. Suprabha coy because their relationship seems so familiar, due to the tasks assigned to them. In her innocence Suprabha ignored the nice words Arjuna and tried to divert their conversation to other things. The evening they came to the place of residence of the king of giants, where the center held the preparations for war against the gods. Suprabha Angel, as she imagined how she would be treated by Niwatakawaca, feeling not dare do what was assigned to him, but he was given a spirit by Arjuna. He definitely will be successful as long as he uses all the seduction as shown when Arjuna was imprisoned in the cave, even though at that time to no avail.

Angel Suprabha towards a pure crystal hall, in the middle of the courtyard. Meanwhile, Arjuna followed closely. But Arjuna has a charm so that he can not be seen. That's why the lady's maid who was mingle in the light of the full moon, only to see Suprabha. Some lady's maid who had brought hither from the palace of Indra, recognized him and greeted him with joy as he asked how things in heaven. Suprabha tell, how he left the paradise of his own volition, knowing that it would be destroyed; before he along with all the booty taken prisoner, he crossed over to Niwatakawaca. Two ladies in waiting to the king and brought the news that had so long missed. Immediately she got up and headed to the garden sari. Niwatakawaca any pet and lap the Suprabha. Suprabha reject any insistence full of lust and begged the king to be patient till dawn. He was flirting with her while praising the invincible power of the king, then asked what kind of asceticism that resulted in his extraordinary supernatural powers endowed by Rudra. Niwatakawaca trapped by persuasion Suprabha and reveal his secret. The tip of her tongue is the miracle. When Arjuna heard that she left her hiding place and destroyed the palace gate. Niwatakawaca shocked by the terrible noise; Suprabha use at the time and escaped with Arjuna.

Were filled with anger of the king who realizes that he has been deceived, he ordered his troops to immediately leave and marched against the gods. Goda overwhelmed with joy because of the atmosphere and Suprabha Arjuna has come home safely. In a public meeting by the gods discussed tactics to beat back the enemy, but only Indra and Arjuna who knows what weapons they already have because the utterance Niwatakawaca who inadvertently. Armies of the gods, apsara and the devil go into battle on the southern slopes of the Himalayas.

Ditya Kala Niwatakawoco

Follow from a fierce battle is erratic, until Niwatakawaca plunge into battle and scatter ranks of the gods who was forced to retire with shame. Arjuna who fought in the back row of the retreating army, trying to draw attention Niwatakawaca. Pretending he was carried away by the soldiers who ran, but the bow had prepared. When the king of the giants began chasing and shouting with anger, Arjuna pulled his bow, arrows shot into the mouth of the king and pierce the tip of his tongue. He fell down and died. The giants flee or be killed, and the gods who previously resigned, is now back as a winner.

Those who were killed brought to life with amarta water and all went back to heaven. There the wives awaiting their arrival with anxiety lest their husbands prefer to women who are being held, when they seized property of the enemy. This is the only cloud that dims their joy.

Now Arjuna received the award for his help. Over the past seven days (according to calculations in heaven, and these same seven-month old human on earth) he would enjoy the fruits of his behavior was full of virility: he would sit like a king on the throne Indra. After he was crowned, follow from the wedding ceremony to seven times the seventh angel. One by one, with escorted by Menaka, they entered the room the bride. The first came was Suprabha, after their perilous journey, he was the one who has the first right. Then Tilottama then to five others, one by one, their names are not mentioned. Day by day, and Arjuna began to become agitated. He will miss his relatives he left behind. He shut himself in a hall in the park and try to channel their feelings through a poem. This does not escape the attention of Menaka and Tilottama. The latter was standing behind a tree and hear, how Arjuna get into trouble in composing cover lines of the second stanza. Tilottama and finishes with a line that's funny. So after seven months it was over, Arjuna take leave to Indra, he was escorted back to earth by Matali with a heavenly train.

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